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Sundresses: Summer, Floral, Stylish, Elegant, Blue, Chic, Prints, Green, Summer Sundress

The sun is out and practically begging to be twirled beneath in a beautiful summer sundress, one that is every bit as comfortable as it is flattering. What is your go-to style this year? Flowy pastels, pretty floral palettes, solid colors that hug you in all the right places; when it comes to sundresses, your options are endless. Kick up the fun this summer with a dress that makes you look and feel like a sun goddess. These aren’t your basic summer sundresses; check out ASTR The Label’s collection of dresses.

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What qualifies as a sundress?

The hot weather is here, and it’s time to bust out the summer sundresses! A sundress qualifies as a casual dress worn in warm weather, hence its lightweight fabric that keeps you cool day or night. This style of dress often leaves the shoulders, arms, and back exposed. Think resort wear or beachwear, but the style doesn't stop there. You can wear sundresses just about anywhere with the wide variety of options out there, from casual to dressy.

How do I find the perfect summer sundress?

No two bodies are exactly the same. That's why it’s so important to find what flatters your body the best. We recommend trying on as many different sundresses as you can to find the right fit and cut to make you feel your absolute best.

1. Identify Your Body Type

  • Hourglass shape: Curvy bodies with proportionate hips and bust, along with a generally well-defined waist.
    Best dresses for hourglass shapes: V-necklines, open necklines, cinched-in waistlines, and form-fitting tops.
  • Pear shape: Defined by a smaller upper body and curvier lower body.
    Best dresses for pear shape: Strapless tops, a fitted open neck, a V-neckline, and a full skirt.
  • Athletic shape: Athletic bodies tend to be narrower in the hips than in the shoulders, with a less defined waist.
    Best dresses for athletic shape: Dresses with details and volume on top, A-line skirts and lower waistlines, as well as dresses that flare out.
  • Apple shape: Weight centered at the midline of the body with slimmer legs and a shorter, less defined waist.
    Best dresses for apple shape: Seek out dresses that play up your upper body, along with swing dresses, drop-waist dresses, and dresses with full skirts.

2. Be picky about fabrics

Fabric can make or break a dress. Look for high-quality options that hug your body in the right places while remaining comfortable and lightweight. Seek out lined dresses to prevent a see-through show.

3. Not too tight, not too loose

Fit is just as important as fabric. A good sundress won’t fit too tight or too loose; you don’t want to be adjusting straps all night or worrying about the sleeves squeezing your arms too tight. This is where trying on multiple options and sizes is beneficial.

4. Find a Flattering Color

What colors complement your skin and eyes the best? Wearing the right colors for your skin tone as well as hair and eye color can make the difference between any old dress and a dress that is amazing.

5. Take Length into Consideration

The length of a dress can change the way it wears as well as what shoes pair best with it. Length can make you look taller or shorter. A midi summer dress gives you the chance to show off your toned and tanned summer calves or that cute new pair of shoes.

6. Start Shopping Early

Give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect sundress so you never have to compromise or settle. You might want to start your search in-store so you can try on as many different styles as possible to find what suits your body. Then, with an idea of what you do and don’t want, you can broaden your search online.

Most Popular Sundresses

Looking for the most popular sundresses of the season? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a look at what is turning heads this year, including summer sundresses, floral sundresses, stylish sundresses, elegant sundresses, and more!

Summer Sundress

The perfect summer sundress can be dressed up with heels or paired with chunky sneakers or sandals for a more casual look. Available in a variety of colors, you can pick the one that flatters you best. Features like beautiful pleats that run down the front elevate the dress to new heights, elongating your frame and adding shape. A cutout on the bodice can add a hint of sexy to your summer.

Floral Sundress

For floral sundresses, look for a style that is ideal for weddings or dinners on the beach. These dresses are flirty and fun. Tie straps add a feminine touch and practicality since they are adjustable. A flattering sweetheart neckline and tiered style will make you want to twirl with joy.

Stylish Sundress

A stylish sundress might feature a pleated bodice, cutout accents, ruffle sleeves, and a strappy back design, playing into the style of the season. It can come in a variety of colors so you can find the perfect shade to complement your unique beauty.

Elegant Sundress

Indulge your fancy side with an elegant sundress for dressier events this summer. Look for a beautiful satin and glove-like fit that grants elegance, while a pretty hue practically screams summer.

Blue Sundress

Nothing beats the beauty of a blue sundress. Look for textured fabrication that makes the dress flattering, while unique details like a tie-back can set it apart. A fully-lined bodycon midi dress is the perfect piece to dress up or down all summer long.

Chic Sundress

Summer queens unite over a chic sundress. A mid-length bodycon sweater dress with a single shoulder strap and right leg slit is perfect to kick up the heat. Look for a style that is as sexy as it is chic.

Print Sundress

A fun print sundress combines a playful pattern with a striking design. Features like a front cutout detail, right leg slit, and open back elevate the beauty of the dress, while adjustable straps and partial lining add practicality.

Green Sundress

Looking for a pretty green sundress that plays up your best features? A lightweight midi corset dress with beautiful boning throughout the torso and a flattering smocked back might be just what you need. A front leg slit adds the perfect touch, and a flattering neckline completes the look.

Fitted Sundress

Looking to add a little sizzle to your summer? A fitted sundress that hugs in all the right places, offering features like a fun cowl neck and asymmetrical hem, might be the perfect summer sidekick to show off your curves. Ruching on the sides can be flattering and forgiving, while a fully lined dress ensures you’re covered.

Sundress with Pockets

What could be better than a beautiful and flattering sundress with pockets? Look for a style that offers comfort and convenience along with a lot of cute. A fitted bodice and flared skirt can be flattering on many different body types. This style is easy to dress up or down, meaning it’ll get a lot of action this summer.

What is the difference between a sundress and a regular dress?

Dresses come in all different shapes, materials, and styles. The sundress is unique because it is made to be worn in hot weather thanks to its lightweight qualities. Playing into that, sundresses are usually made from fabrics like cotton, linen, or rayon. They are typically sleeveless or have thin straps and can range in length from short to midi to floor-length. Sundresses tend to be more practical and comfortable, making them ideal for a wide range of events and even everyday errands. Without a doubt, sundresses deserve a spot in every dress-lover's closet.

Events You Can Wear a Sundress To

Sundresses can be dressed up or dressed down, plus there are dressier as well as more casual options. That being said, you can wear the right sundress just about anywhere; from a trip to the beach to an outdoor dinner and even a wedding.

What should you look for in a sundress?

Quality, comfort, and fit are the most important aspects of a scorching hot summer dress. High-quality fabrics are going to last longer and flatter your body better, while also offering greater comfort. Of course, the ideal dress for your body will differ from your bestie's, that’s why it’s so important to try on many different styles and colors to find your most flattering fit.

Are sundresses dressy or casual?

Sundresses range from super casual to dressy; it all depends on the material they are made of and the style of the dress. You also play a role in how you choose to accessorize it. Shoes and jewelry can go a long way to making a dress more or less casual.

What can I wear over a sundress to stay warm?

When the sun starts to set, you can stay put in your flowy sundress while still staying warm, so long as you have the right outerwear. A jean jacket is the perfect complement to just about any sundress. A flowy cardigan in a color that compliments the dress is another good option to add warmth while keeping your summer style strong. Want to play it up a little dressier? A floor-length coat in a summer shade (think white, pink, or floral) is another winning option.

Are sundresses appropriate for summer weddings?

The right sundress may make the perfect dress for a casual, formal, cocktail, or black-tie optional wedding. If the wedding is black-tie or white-tie attire a more formal gown is requested.

Can you wear a sundress at night?

Absolutely! Warm summer nights spent under the glow of the moon are elevated with a pretty sundress that makes you feel your best. Simply pair with a cute jacket or sweater to keep out the chill, if need be.

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