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Business Casual Outfits for Women: Work Dresses, Skirts, Blazers & Tops

Shop our women's business attire, including cute office wear & trendy professional clothing.

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Most Popular Office Looks

Workwear Dresses

Work dresses can be playful yet conservative, and if they’re versatile, that’s even better. Versatile work dresses can be styled in various ways, allowing you to wear them in and out of work. Sometimes, our busy lives don’t leave time for outfit changes. With versatile options, you can take on the whole day, nighttime included, in one outfit. Rising to the top for every occasion. While office vibes and dress codes can vary, wear what matches the style and that you’re comfortable in. To our fashionistas out there, push the envelope, but know the rules. Just because the office is wearing solids and neutrals doesn’t mean you can’t spruce the place up with a little pop of color.

A versatile midi dress in neutral tones can be perfect for a business casual look. Pair it with a simple shoe for a complete outfit.

For a more conservative look, try a bodycon dress in classic colors like lilac, green, or black. Pair this dress with a blazer to define business casual.

For a clean and modern look, consider a square-neckline bodycon dress. This staple can be worn alone or elevated with a blazer or fur coat. Keep it neutral or draw attention with bold colors.

A floral midi dress can shape the body perfectly while offering balance through ruffle detailing and ruching. This style is perfect for work, brunch, or church.

Workwear Skirts

Workwear skirts can include pencil skirts, midi skirts, maxi skirts, or any length appropriate for your workplace. For a business casual look, balance your outfit with a clean high-neck top and blazer paired with a shorter skirt. A wrap front midi skirt in neutral tones can provide a clean and modern look. Features like a paper bag waist, string tie belt, and side cargo pockets make it practical and comfortable.

Skorts are also making a comeback, appearing as a skirt but with shorts built in. Their functional design makes them ideal for women on the go or dressing for business casual. Look for a pleated skort with built-in shorts for a crisp and clean look. Pair with a cropped jacket to effortlessly execute the business casual look. Plus, the pieces can be mixed and matched in many other ways.

Business Casual Blazers

Business casual blazers are definitely a wardrobe staple item. The fit and details are everything. Business casual blazers can be worn with pants, dresses, skirts, or even as a dress. They’re the perfect way to elevate a casual look to business casual. A plaid double-breasted blazer with cream-colored pants and a black top is simple yet chic. Vests are also a trending style in the workplace. Vests can make for a cool summer option to elevate business casual outfits.

Office Wear Tops

Office wear tops can be simple or playful. Both styles can offer the same level of sophistication depending on how you style them. For a mix of playful yet simple, try a corset top paired with a plaid double-breasted blazer to add a layer of professionalism. For an office wear top that stands alone as the staple item, try a high-neck top in a bright color. This delicate top with a sheen and texture offers a pop of style while keeping your outfit clean and simple. It can be dressed up or down with ease.

What is business casual attire for a woman?

Business casual can mean so many things in our fashion-forward world. For most, it’s a mix of professional and relaxed clothing. The key to perfecting execution is how you tie it all together. From colors to patterns and textures, business casual can be simple yet stunning.

Can I wear jeans for business casual?

In most cases, jeans are perfectly acceptable for business casual. Again, it’s important to know the dress code or match the vibe of your colleagues. If you don’t know, play it on the safe side, which doesn’t exclude jeans. However, it would include jeans that are free of distress, frayed hems, and other dramatic styling touches. Be mindful about the wash of the jeans, as some may portray a more professional look than others.

What is a work outfit called?

Work outfits, otherwise known as business attire, are outfits you can wear in a professional setting or to work. There are different types of work outfits, too, such as business casual, smart casual, or business professional.

What is smart casual office attire?

Smart casual office attire offers a bit more flexibility and fun compared to a traditional business casual style. An example of a smart casual office look could be high-waisted flare pants paired with a plain colored t-shirt tucked in to add a pop of color. Finish the outfit with a pair of leather loafers and a contrasting belt. Smart casual office attire might be worn for parties or informal events. Business casual usually consists of muted colors, darker shades, and solids. Smart casual office attire can combine brighter colors and include patterns but usually does not combine more than three colors.

Staple pieces every woman should have for workwear

Staple pieces can look different for every woman. Most women will agree that staple items should include a black blazer, neutral color blazer, and simple tops or bodysuits. Beyond that, it really depends on what you prefer to wear. Some women prefer dresses over skirts, and others can wear jeans. Find your style and build staple items around it. Of course, you can always include items that are outside the box, too.

Is workwear out of style?

A workwear style has definitely evolved over the years. With more exposure to things thanks to the internet and social media outlets, people are often more expressive with what they wear. Workwear can be as simple or sophisticated as you choose, but workwear will never be out of style.

How many pieces do you need for a work wardrobe?

This is really dependent on personal preference. Additionally, it can depend on how often you dress in your work attire. Some of us work partially or fully remote, influencing the amount of days we get dressed for work. Collect wardrobe items that you can mix and match to maximize options.

Do and don'ts of dressing business casual

Defining the lines of your business casual style can seem difficult at times. Here are some straightforward pointers to help you create your favorite business casual outfits.

Business casual dos:

  • Stick to solid colors and simple patterns
  • Do your best to make colors match or go together
  • Go for a tailored fit (finish with an oversized blazer or jacket to offer some forgiveness)
  • Keep accessories simple
  • Think classic and clean
  • Level up outfits with textures and materials
  • Coordinate colors, including pops of color

Business casual don'ts:

  • Keep it clean (steam or iron clothing)
  • Steer clear of garments that are too big or too small
  • Maintain the style from head to toe
  • Avoid clashing colors or patterns
  • Avoid loud jewelry that distracts from you

What is the difference between casual and business casual attire?

Casual is often how we would describe a lunch outfit or backyard party outfit. While business casual may share some similarities, a business casual look should be more polished. Business casual outfits should be respectable on a professional level.

Events Work Wear Would be Appropriate For:

  • Meetings in and outside of the office
  • Formal events
  • Informal events
  • Networking events
  • Client meetings
  • Presentations
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